Prehung Door Sizes

Prehung Door

Fixing a prehung door can be fairly a daunting task. When buying a door with measurements labeled as 32x78 or 32x80 is this the real door size or is door framing included? This is a crucial factor to consider as you related to the opening and door size before paying. That supposed dimension is the door size, in reality the inside of jambs. The prehung door is normally 1/4" to 3/8" lesser in breadth than the 32.  The approximate opening is normally 2" to 2.5" larger both ways. It should be pointed out that manufacturers usually give some allowance on all sides of the jamb and this is factored in when quoting prehung door sizes. For instance, with a quote of 32X80, this kind of door will have dimensions of 34X82 and 82 may shoot higher as this heavily rely on finish floor.

Prehung door size must be taken seriously particularly when cutting off additional materials otherwise you will end up loosing weathertight logic or the door may not fit. The first thing to confirm is the breadth of the door gap so that you may adjust any floor the fall of the level scale.  When installing your door, proper sizing must be done and 1 inch of play allowance on both sizes of prehung door casing must be left. Additionally, prehung door sizes allow 1 inch allowance on both bottom and top. You may be wondering why all this allowances? The idea behind this 1 inch is to facilitate plumbing and leveling so that your door will swing freely. Based on the above discussion probably below are questions that you might have in mind about prehung door sizes.

What is the approximate opening required for a prehung door?

As far as door installation is concerned, as a universal rule, whether it is prehung door size or slab door, always add 2" in breadth plus 2-1/2" in tallness to the single door size while for pair is two-fold.  For example, normal double doors of 3/0 x 6/8 having astragal would need a 74-1/2" x 82-1/2" approximate opening. The same principle must apply when determining prehung door sizes for order.

What kind of rough opening size do I need for a prehung door?

For successful and professional installation of a prehung door, it is advisable that you avail approximate opening size and based on this, we are able to customize the size of your unit. As mentioned earlier, all prehung door sizes calls for 2” allowance. This gives room for jamb width plus additional ½ to take care of uncertainties.

What do you learn about prehung door sizes? Why is it important? Simply know the approximate door opening first and you will not be disappointed. If you get it wrong, fitting a prehung type door will be a nightmare. With wrong opening approximate, we have incorrect door size and consequently either we have wide gaps or very small opening. Therefore getting a correct prehung door size is first step towards pleasure.